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About us

Where did Estimon come from?


Hi! I’m Marta and I am a proud Estimon founder. Estimon was created for one main reason – out of love for animals. I have been taking care of cats and dogs from a very young age, and I became a true cat lady at the age of 9, when I brought home my first cat fished out of a puddle.

I have always tried to get involved in all kinds of volunteering activities and campaigns trying to ban cosmetics testing on animals, I fought and I still keep fighting for animal rights.

I’ve done quite a few things in my life, but there was always something missing. Now I know what – I think I can call it a mission.

That is why I created Estimon – this brand combines my love for animals and passion for fashion. I believe that creating luxury bags and accessories does not have to involve the suffering of animals. I focus on sustainable, cruelty-free, 100% vegan plant-based materials and ethical production.

Estimon is a mix of passion for design, craftsmanship and excellent cruelty-free materials. With all due respect. For animals.

What makes us stand out


I believe that we have only one planet and it is about time we start taking care of it. If I can convince even one person to do so, I will be happy.

Estimon is not just a handbag store. This is a unique concept, combining the possibility of buying unique accessories with a source of knowledge about animal rights and ethical, slow lifestyle.

I don’t throw words to the wind, that’s why with Estimon I care about the smallest detail – from less-waste packaging, through the selection of the best quality, certified materials, to supporting small, local, family businesses I work with.

Our materials

At Estimon, we pay great attention to the materials we use. We care not only about animals, but about our planet as well. That is why we don’t want to use “eco-leather” materials, which are not “eco” at all. That is why we DON’T use PVC at all and PU is just an addition to plant materials.

The main material we use is Corn Leather. The fabric contains 69 percent of plant-based raw materials. It’s made of viscose from well managed forests and bio-based polyurethane from renewable resources. These bio polyols come from European non-food and GMO-free corn and wheat crops.Corn leather is certified by OEKO-TEX, which guarantees that it does not release harmful substances to human health and is therefore a safe product.
It is also approved by LAV as an animal-free product (and so are we!) and by PETA. It also carries a USDA certification (certifying it’s a bio-based product) and FSC – the mark of responsible forestry.Corn leather is very resistant to abrasion and dirt.
Its texture is very similar to animal leather.

The other used material is Grape Leather. Vegea, who is the producer of grape leather, together with Italian wineries have developed a process for the valorization of wine waste: grape leftovers from wine production. The production process is free from toxic solvents, heavy metals and dangerous substances for humans and the environment.
Vegea is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified and compliant with the most stringent European regulations (REACH). They also received a Global Change Award.

Other materials we use are Piñatex® (pineapple leather). Piñatex® is made of pineapple leaves that have been treated as waste until now. It’s PVC free. It is resistant to high and low temperatures. It is waterproof and abrasion resistant. Due to its unique properties, pineapple leather is much more expensive than regular PU or PVC materials.

It is easy to maintain – in most cases, just a cloth and water with a small amount of soap is enough to clean it.

We are constantly for new alternatives to natural leather, that are vegan, sustainable and chemicals-free.